Our Story

A&D Foods opened our doors for business in 1994 and we've dedicated ourselves to producing, importing, and delivering the finest products ever since. We source our selections from around the globe to develop consistent procurement strategies that provide a specialized assortment of products.
Our operations, from pond to plate, are vertical steps of the supply chain. Our Indonesian affiliates consist of two processing plants and 400 hectares of shrimp ponds which specialize in farm raising black tiger shrimp and white vannamei. This helps to secure our procurement of high-quality products. We also work closely with many key shrimp and seafood producing companies in Asia, Central America, and South America.
A&D Foods has ever expanding support from factory alliances in over 20 countries and a diligent team of expert buyers. We provide our customers with high quality products at a tremendous value delivered on-time. We are currently expanding our facility in Duluth, GA to ensure A&D Foods continues to meet the needs of increasing customer demand. Our philosophy of integrity, excellence and consistency is unwavering. We are excited about our future and are glad you're here.